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I want
To remember
Giving you
A cookie

I love mixing emotions.
I see it like a meal mixing their flavor.
I felt anxious because of the coffee but cheated because of the cereal flavor. Anxiously cheated.
I miss my mom and dad sometimes.
I have a great deal of honor for them. Honoring the missed.
When I get nervous I can feel myself swim. When I think of women time speeds up. Swimming amongst women.

Can a man be cute?
Can he be powerful and cute?
Can he fly past all of the self entitled bullshit?
Can he have the characteristic of cute?
Can he hold the value?
Can a man care?
Can he take the time to love it all?
Can a man remember he is of dirt?
And can he recall he’ll return to dirt?

Can a woman see what is in front?
Can a woman see all men are taught to think they’re blind?
Can a woman cultivate that love?
Can a woman take that and turn it centuries over and let it grow like a plant in the garden?
Can a woman see men cripple themselves?
Can women see the cuteness in men?

I like to ride the bike that is green.
But brown coffee is afraid to fall.
When the leaves turn red, coffee will ride the green bike with me.


Ros Sereysothea | Chnam oun Dop-Pramp Muy 

(via mudwerks)